The Top 5 IT Skills Professionals Need to Succeed in Their Career

Top IT Professions

You may believe you aren’t made out for IT because you lack technical IT skills, but chances are you already have the edge to become a rock star in IT. IT success is grounded in excitement and a drive to learn. Technical knowledge can be taught, but it’s difficult to rise to the top of the tech ladder without the right soft skills.


These are personality traits that come naturally to you. They often can’t or won’t learn. Interpersonal and professional success are frequently dependent on them. We’ll show you how to achieve professionally with the Top 5 IT talents in this post.

Top IT Professions

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Ensure cybersecurity

Even when money is tight, cybersecurity must be prioritized. In order to gather sensitive data from the digital world, which has decreased significantly in recent months, cybercriminals have evolved new and ingenious ways. Because of the pandemic, about 700 percent more phishing emails have been received since February.


Prior to COVID-19, cybersecurity was a major concern. In 2018, more than half of all global IT executives expect to spend on security for their companies. For the fifth year in a row, cybersecurity is the most difficult IT hiring category.


“As corporations, governments, and military networks face a more sophisticated and ubiquitous loss of security,” Brad Puckett stated.

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The cloud computing environment

Now that we use the cloud, we do business in a different way. The cloud is providing new business prospects as artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) evolve. Other topics, such as network analytics, project management, and cybersecurity, have been impacted in addition to cloud adoption.

Cloud computing is the second most difficult area to hire decision-makers in.

Cloud administrator and cloud architect are two of the most recession-proof IT careers. This year, IDC predicts a 5.1 percent reduction in IT spending, with any increase coming from the cloud.


Wireless networks and the Internet

Because Cisco holds market dominance in network and wireless technology, IT workers are flocking to Cisco for certifications. Cisco certifications are ranked second in the world. According to the 2019 version of our IT Skills and Salary Report, 22% of respondents hold a Cisco certification.

This year, 31% of IT decision-makers expect to spend on Cisco technology, while 15% plan to invest in networking and wireless LAN.

Software development

The majority of IT jobs are growing at a slower rate than those in software development. By 2028, application developers should witness a 28% growth in jobs, while software developers should see a 21% increase. Computer software and smartphone apps are to blame for this increase.

According to IT decision-makers, one of their teams’ poorer talents is designing mobile apps. You can make a good wage and be in high demand if you have this certification. In North America, those with an application development certification earn around $140,000 per year.

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Creating programs

Computer programming employment is expected to fall by 7% by 2028. However, programming occupations, which are a subset of coding, are expected to grow to 28 million in the coming years.

Python, JavaScript, and C# are all popular programming languages. As the popularity of mobile apps grows, so will the demand for coders. Network engineers must also be able to code. As network complexity grows, automation becomes more crucial.

More programmers are needed in data-driven firms, and their pay is rising as well. In the United States and Canada, programmers and developers earn more than $110,000 each year. Around $140,000 is earned by three certified experts.