Cyber-attack on a Major Internet Provider in Ukraine [2022]

Cyber acttack

Following a cyber-attack on March 28, Ukrtelecom, Ukraine’s national internet provider, experienced major internet outages. Real-time network data showed connectivity dropping to 13% of pre-war levels at the time of the incident, according to NetBlocks, a global internet monitoring organization.

According to the company, customers’ access was blocked to safeguard military users and critical infrastructure.

It was the most catastrophic outage to hit Ukrtelecom since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began last month, according to Netblocks, a global internet monitoring organization.

According to Netblocks, the connection is only 13 percent of what it was before the war.


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In terms of geographic coverage, Ukrtelecom claims to be the country’s largest fixed internet provider, but it trails Kyivstar in terms of client counts.

Ukrtelecom CEO Yuriy Kurmaz said in a statement that the company’s IT infrastructure had been targeted by a significant hostile cyber-attack.

“In order to protect the vital network infrastructure and avoid disrupting services to the Armed Forces, other military bodies, and users of important infrastructure, we were forced to temporarily restrict internet access to most private users and business clients,” he added.

The attack had been successfully repelled, according to Mr. Kurmaz, and services were gradually being restored.

Cyber-attack i n ukraine
During the crisis, Ukrtelecom engineers continued to work.

Ukraine’s State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection, led by Yuriy Shchyhol, claimed its experts responded quickly and successfully to the attack.

“This also means that the issue has a national impact, reaching beyond the tensest combat zones, which have borne the brunt of Ukraine’s network failures and interruptions thus far.”

Mr. Toker, on the other hand, maintained that other mobile networks and suppliers might still provide access.