Russia is introducing Rossgram, To replace Instagram After the Ban of Instagram in the country

Rossgram news
  • Following the country’s ban on Instagram, Russia is establishing a new social site called Rossgram.
  • According to images on its website, Rossgram has a design that is extremely similar to Instagram.
  • Instagram was extremely popular in the country and served as a source of revenue for bloggers and small companies.

Rossgram news

Following the country’s prohibition on the popular American photo-sharing app, Russian developers are releasing Rossgram, an Instagram clone.

According to its website, Rossgram will be available to investors, sponsors, and the media on March 28 before opening to bloggers and other users.

“My partner Kirill Filimonov and our group of developers were already prepared for this turn of events and decided not to miss the opportunity to create a Russian analog of a popular social network beloved by our compatriots,” the app’s co-founder, Alexander Zobov, wrote on the social platform VKontakte, according to Reuters.

According to images on its website, Rossgram has a design that is strikingly identical to Instagram, even down to the logo colors.


“Rossgram is a new social network with a recognizable and intuitive layout, comprehensive functionality, and simple working circumstances,” the website’s content stated.

According to NBC News, Instagram was highly popular in Russia and a vital source of income for many small companies and bloggers. However, Russia banned the app on March 14 after declaring the platform’s parent firm, Meta, an “extremist organization” under Russian legislation.

Several Russian influencers shed tears as they waved farewell to their millions of Twitter followers last week.

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After firms fled the country under the fear of sanctions, Russia has witnessed a slew of knockoffs of Western names. For example, Uncle Vanya’s, a Russian fast-food company, applied to trademark a logo mimicking McDonald’s iconic Golden Arches.

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